Our last 3-months progress

For last three months, PTI Islamabad team has worked so hard to line up their resources to help people of Islamabad. Setting up a sustainable and efficient system was a tough challenge in such circumstances when many other issues need our attention, yet we are done and we have started the system.

Complaint Workflow

Message from Patron in-Chief ICC Islamabad

The people of the capital city face a number of issues and search various means to approach me for the recording and resolution of their concerns. Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf, as a party committed to fundamental change, is introducing for the first time a systematic approach for recording and resolution of citizen grievances. We have established a cell under my direct supervision to provide them the opportunity to record their grievances and formulate a comprehensive mechanism for the resolution of their concerns, including a follow up with the respective departments / authorities.

We are keen to monitor these activities at the highest level for transparency and effectiveness. This system will also act as a transparent check and means of public accountability of the institutions meant for serving the citizens of Islamabad. Active involvement of the citizens and a sense of ownership of this system will be the key to its success. May allah help us work collectively for improving the quality of life of the citizens of Islamabad.

Asad Umer
Insaf Complaint Cell

Message from Chairman ICC Islamabad (PTI)

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Islamabad understand the common citizen grievances and work day and night to resolve the citizens problems at the easiest way to deliver its commitments and trust the people of Pakistan entrusted to PTI.

In accordance with our slogan of change, we have initiated many projects for the improvement of Islamabad urban and rural citizen’s life. Among one of them, We design and established Insaf Compliant Cell (ICC) for Islamabad citizens, where we are providing them the opportunity to record their grievances related to the Government organization like CDA, IESCO, SNGPL, Health, C&W, Local Government, Education, Police Station, Legal and Judiciary, NADRA, state Office, Bait-ul Mall etc. and developed comprehensive mechanism for the resolution of their concerns including follow-up with the respective departments / authorities.

Me and my key team of PTI Islamabad are dealing with various Government departments for resolution of public issue and sitting on daily basis at our Melody office.

Active involvement of the citizens and sense of ownership of the system will be the key to success. Please come forward and take part with us for success of this initiative at every level.

Amir Mughal,
Regional President PTI Islamabad.
Chairman Insaf Complaint Cell.

The Major Objectives of Insaf Complaint Cell are as follows

  • • Easing of public approach to record their complaints
  • • Tackling of citizen complaints efficiently and systemically
  • • Follow-up at highest level and formulation / implementation of policies to overcome the common complaints at large